Dennis Rodman calls out NBA players


For the most part, the players really seem to be sticking together through this NBA lockout. That’s not necessarily the case for former players. Former San Antonio Spurs forward Dennis Rodman says the players need to “bow down” to the owners so the lockout can finally be over.

Rodman added that back in 1999, the last time there was a lockout, the owners conceded everything to the players, and it is the players’ time to return the favor. His viewpoint may be a little skewed, however, he doesn’t seem to have a very positive opinion of current NBA players, saying most of them “don’t give a damn about the game,” and they’re just out for money.

We all know Rodman likes to stir the pot, but I think he actually means what he says this time, and is not just looking for attention. He was diplomatic, saying that he does blame the owners for starting the lockout, but it’s time for the players to step up and end it. Rodman thinks if the owners are losing money, then the players need to do what they can to fix that.

I’m not sure he’s going to get through to anyone. I’ve said it before, the players have all the power and they know it, and as a unit, they’re too selfish to let that power go to waste. But it is nice to see someone who should be siding with the players take a stand against what’s happening. Maybe if a few more people step up, there will be more focus on what’s best for the game and not the individual and this lockout can finally be over.