Davis Bertans Free Agency Rumors

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The San Antonio Spurs have already tendered Davis Bertans a $1.6 million qualifying offer making him a restricted free agent July 1.

Making Bertans a restricted free agent gives the Spurs the right to match any offer sheet after 48 hours.

Any offer sheet extended to Bertans must be for a minimum of two years and maximum of four years. Using Bertans’ early bird rights, the Spurs can only match at most a four year deal up to $34.2 million.

Because Bertans has only played in the NBA for two seasons, he’s under the ‘Arenas rule,’ which means the most an opposing team can offer him in the first year of a new contract is the non-tax mid-level exception of $8.5 million.

Here are the latest rumors involving Bertans in free agency.

July 1 – Wolves Interested in Bertans


If the Minnesota Timberwolves keep the cap hold of Nemanja Bjelica on their books, they’d only have access to the Tax Mid-Level Exception ($5.3 million) to offer Bertans part or all of it.

If the Wolves renounce Bjelica, then they’d have access to the Non-Tax MLE ($8.6 million) and Bi-Annual Exception ($3.3 milion) to use in a potential offer sheet to Bertans.

June 29 – Nets, Jazz, Spurs ‘Contenders’ for Bertans


What can the Jazz offer Bertans?

The Jazz are projected to have access to the Non-Tax Mid-Level Exception worth $8.5 million and the Bi-Annual Exception worth $3.3 million.

What can the Nets offer Bertans?

The Nets are also projected to have access to both the Non-Tax Mid-Level Exception ($8.5 million) and Bi-Annual Exception ($3.3 million) once they trade for Dwight Howard and then complete the buyout of his contract.

This early on in the free agency process, it’s unknown where Bertans’ market is at. If one would have to guess, it is in the $2-4 million range.


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