Custom Nikes pays tribute to ‘The Admiral’

You probably like the San Antonio Spurs — or, at the very least, find them compelling enough to peruse this very Spurs blog. You also probably wear shoes often, if not everyday.
So lets just combine the two, add in a throwback twist accentuating the pre Tim Duncan era Spurs, and everybody's happy. Right?
Via SB Detroit:
Revive Customs' pays tribute to the 71 point game David Robinson scored against the LA Clippers in ’94 with the Nike Air Unlimited "Spurs" Custom. Featuring the San Antonio’s retro colors sitting atop a gradient midsole with the Spurs logo on the heels. 
I'm not one to shell out massive wads of cash for footwear, but these do look pretty dope. So, if anyone is willing to send me cash donations, that'd be cool too. (No, I am not soliciting money on the Internet. I promise.)
So how many Spurs fans are grabbing a pair of these beauties?
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