Bynum says Spurs starters quit


After coming off a huge win against the Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs were expected give the Los Angeles Lakers a fight yesterday. Instead, the Lakers routed the Spurs, snapping their home-winning streak at 22, winning 99-83.

After the game, Lakers’ Andrew Bynum, who finished with 17 rebounds and four points, had this to say about the Spurs’ starters according to the LA Times:

In a town noted for having no quit, Andrew Bynum added yet more embarrassing commentary on San Antonio’s collapse.

He said the Spurs’ “starters definitely quit.”

First, the Spurs were shooting ridiculously cold (36% for the game) while the Lakers were shooting ridiculously hot (46.7% for the game) and before they knew it, it was a huge lead for the Lakers. It happens.

Second, this is a veteran squad lead by a head coach who knows it’s a marathon and not a sprint and this loss, though terrible, won’t mean a thing in the post-season. Every team in the NBA has a game like this. Remember, the Spurs were once blown out in a game during the 2005 NBA Finals against the Detroit Pistons and still went on to win the title.

Third, Bynum just gave the Spurs’ starters a healthy amount of locker room material for their next meeting in Los Angeles next month.

See you in LA Bynum!