Bye Bye Beno


It looks like the Beno Udrih era is finally over in San Antonio.
Today, the Spurs sent Udrih to Minnesota in the final hours before NBA opening day rosters had to be set. In exchange, the Timberwolves sent a conditional second round pick in the 2008 Draft. It ends up giving the Spurs $1.75 million in cap relief.
Several factors played into Udrih’s departure, including him losing his spot in the rotation to Jacque Vaughn last season and his injury which caused him to miss all of preseason.
In Udrih’s short stint with the Spurs, he often found himself in the doghouse of Spurs coach Greg Popovich, and according to GM R.C. Buford, the play of Darius Washington made Beno extendable.
“This is a reflection on Darius’ play in the pre-season. It was unfortunate for Beno that he was injured. He wasn’t healthy and able to take advantage of Tony’s unavailability and Jacque’s injury, and Darius did take advantage.
“This deal also provides us some roster flexibility, both now and going forward.”
Beno was quickly waived by Minnesota and he’ll look to catch on with another team either in the NBA or overseas.

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