The Ultimate Spur


The Spurs have had many great players during the franchise’s history.  Spurs fans have seen the defensive beast in David Robinson, scoring machine in Manu Ginobili and the toughness of Mario Elie.

All these individual players brought or bring something to the Spurs but with Halloween coming in October let’s play Dr. Frankenstein and create a prototype Spur.

Using parts from past and current Spurs players, I present to you the ultimate Spur!

Eyes — Avery Johnson.  When it comes to finding the open man and court vision you have to go with Avery Johnson.  Avery finished as the Spurs all-time assist leader with 4,474 and during the Spurs 1999 championship run, he led the team with 7.4 assists.  Not bad for someone who got bounced around in the NBA.

Upper Body Strength — Artis Gilmore.  When it comes to power and strength you go with the “A-Train.”  Artis was an absolute brute in the low post.  His strength allowed him to move opposing defenders out of the block and cleared space for him to operate.  He led the NBA in field goal percentage in four consecutive seasons, including a career best .670 during the 1980-81 season.  This is the third highest percentage in NBA history.  He remains the NBA’s career leader in field goal percentage with a 59.9 percentage.  Again, why isn’t he in the NBA Hall of Fame?

Arms — David Robinson.  When it comes to rebounding, intimidation in the paint, altering shots and blocking shots, no one did it better than “The Admiral.”  He was the NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1992),  All-Defensive First Team (’91, ’92, ’95, ’96), and the first player in NBA history to rank among the top five in rebounding, blocks and steals (per game) in a single season.  He also led the NBA in rebounding (1990–91 season) with 13 per game and in blocked shots (1991–92 season) with 4.49 per game.  He finished with 10,497 rebounds and 2,954 blocked shots while with the Spurs, the most by any player in Spurs history.  Plus the man’s arms are chiseled!

Hands — Alvin Robertson.  Before Bruce Bowen, there was Alvin Robertson. When it comes to quick hands you have to go with him.  While with the Spurs he won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1986, and led the league in steals in 1986, 1987 and 1991.  He still holds the top career steals-per-game average in the NBA, with 2.71 per contest over 779 career games.  Though he played only five seasons with the Spurs, he ranks second in club history in total steals, with 1,129.  He led the NBA with the most steals in a season until the record was taken down by New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul.

Legs — Tony Parker.  When it comes to legs you want speed.  With that, look no further than Tony Parker.  Considered to be one of the fastest point guards in the NBA, Parker can outrun other players and get to the basket with ease.  This speed has contributed to the Spurs success in getting three of four NBA titles and has earned Parker All-Star appearances and the 2007 NBA Finals MVP.

Feet — Tim Duncan.  There has never been any Spur in franchise history to have the footwork and low post moves that Tim Duncan possesses.  His low post moves befuddle opposing players and he can finish with his back to the basket or facing up.  These low post moves have made him consistent throughout his years with the Spurs and made him a 4-time champion.


Passion/Heart — Manu Ginobili.  His passion on the court is contagious.  He plays like it’s his last time on the court.

Toughness — Mario Elie.  Elie brought toughness to the Spurs in their 1999 championship run.  Not afraid to get in an opposing player’s face or even his own teammate’s.

“Clutchness” — James Silas.  He wasn’t called “Captain Late” for nothing.  He was known to take over games late in the fourth quarter and it wasn’t unusual for him to get 20 points in the fourth quarter as well.

Basketball IQ — Tim Duncan.  Duncan knows when to shoot, pass out of the block, and knows how to make his teammates better.

Shooting Stroke — George Gervin.  “Ice” could shoot from anywhere on the court.  He made it look so easy.  Plus no one else can finger roll like he could!

Now all together . . . IT’S ALIVE!  ALIVE!

Well there you have it Spurs fans,  the ultimate Spur.  Please leave your comments and tell us who else should be considered to be a part of the ultimate Spur.