Buford: De Colo, Mills officially Spurs


Nando De ColoAfter the San Antonio Spurs Summer League team finished their second practice before heading to Las Vegas, Spurs General Manager R.C. Buford confirmed some Spurs free agent signings. He discussed the re-signing of Boris Diaw, and spoke of what the Summer League will offer to some of the younger players.

“Boris is coming back, Patty Mills we got completed today, and we finished Nando De Colo,” said Buford.

After Project Spurs reported the news via Twitter, no less than 20 minutes later, Mills’ deal was made official to the public. De Colo’s official addition to the team will be coming soon as well.

Buford said that having a full training camp will help Diaw learn even more of the Spurs system.

When discussing the addition of De Colo, Buford said jokingly De Colo will get along with the mix of international players on roster.

“He speaks French so he’ll be able to take some of our guys out to lunch,” said Buford.

“Nando is a very skilled guard, he’s a creative passer, he’s played at a very high level over in Europe,” continued Buford, “He’s got good size as a guard and he can play the one and the two (guard positions).”

On the Summer League, Buford is hoping to find a gem on their roster or elsewhere.

“You also have the hope that ‘Gary Neal’ shows up on your team or someone else’s team.”

On the Spurs’ two former rookies, Kawhi Leonard and Cory Joseph, Buford knows Summer League will help them, but he’s not expecting them to return as superstars.

“I’d like to see Cory play like Steve Nash and I’d like to see Kawhi play like Michael Jordan,” said Buford.