Breaking down the West


By Jeff Garcia

Lets take a quick look at the rest of the Western Conference.
1. Lakers vs. 8. Jazz: Will the Jazz finally learn to win on the road? Doubt it.  This will be the reason why the Jazz get bounced out of the playoffs.  Lakers in 5.
2. Nuggets vs. 7. Hornets: Hornets choked it against the Spurs in the regular series finale and head into the playoffs on a low note.  Nuggs on the other hand can run and will swarm Paul at every chance.  They have the big men to stop Chandler as well.  Nuggs in 6.
4. Blazers vs. 5. Rockets: Oh please let the Rockets actually advance to the second round without T-Mac!  How epic would that be?  Blazers are young and talented but that will be to their detriment.  This is the playoffs where experience matters.  Artest, Ming, Battier, and company will be tested by the Blazers but in the end the Rockets advance.  Rockets in 6.