Bayless starts Twitter fight with Durant


I’m very publicly open about my opinions on Skip Bayless. I think he’s an idiot.

In fact, I think he’s such an idiot that I can’t be 100% sure he’s not one of the biggest trolls of all time. A guy ESPN throws on camera just to make everyone else angry with his outrageous opinions. If that’s the case, then bravo to ESPN for pulling that off, but if it’s not, then Bayless will probably go down in history as one of the worst sports anchors of all time.

Most recently, Bayless got into an argument with Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant about Durant’s offseason workouts with rival LeBron James. Apparently, Bayless thinks that basketball is war and the two “enemies” shouldn’t be allowed near one another.

"Wake up, KD: LeBron is keeping his friends close and his enemy closer. You're letting him OWN you," Bayless tweeted.

Durant fired back in a tweet that has since been deleted.

"@RealSkipBayless u brainwashing these people out here, they think since you on espn you know what u talkin bout…please, nobody owns me.”

Durant nailed the problem. Some people get brainwashed into thinking Bayless knows what he’s talking about because he’s on ESPN, but he’s been called out and made to look like a fool time and time again for clearly not knowing what the heck he’s talking about.

The argument didn’t end there. Last night, Bayless continued to poke the bear and let loose another Twitter tirade.

“Some day @KDTrey5 you'll realize how RIGHT I am about you/LeBron. CAN'T let primary rival be ur best friend, esp. when he's mentally fragile."

"Wake up @KDTrey5. You let LeBron play in Finals comfort zone G2-5 b/c you like/respect him so much. Must get in his head, under his skin."

"Remember @KDTrey5: LeBron now has a ring. You don't. If you want your say on First Take, you're welcome any morning 10-12E. Just say when."

I’d like to hope if we ignored this guy he’d eventually just go away, but it’s so hard to ignore such ridiculous comments. These guys aren’t fighting to the death, they’re playing a game! If the two best basketball players in the world want to work out together, who cares? Get over it, Skip, and get a clue while you’re at it.