Andres Nocioni would like to join the Spurs


After Boris Diaw and his fellow French countryman Tony Parker joined forces with the San Antonio Spurs, could Manu Ginobili see his fellow Argentina countryman, Andre Nocioni, join him in San Antonio next season?

According to Nocioni, if he does make a return to the NBA, the Spurs would be a team he would like to join.

Would San Antonio be the place where you would like to play in case you return to the NBA? Andres Nocioni: “Chicago first. And then it could be San Antonio.” (h/t

Andres last played in the NBA at the beginning of this season with the Philadelphia 76ers but was waived 11 games into the season. He is now playing in Spain with Tiago Splitter’s former team, Caja Laboral.

The 6’7″ forward has NBA career averages of 10.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 43% shooter from the field, 79% free-throw shooter in 23.4 minutes. However, he is an older player (32) and has been away from the NBA for most of this season.

Also, as the recent loss to the Lakers proved, the Spurs still need size and Nocioni would not address this area of concern for the team heading into next season. Plus, the Spurs could have a log jam at the forward spot next season. The Spurs hold the team option for DeJuan Blair next season, Kawhi Leonard entering his second contract year, and Boris Diaw is a free agent next season. Should San Antonio prefer to bring back Blair and Diaw, there won’t be much room for Nocioni.

Regardless, Andres is a pesky defender, intense on the court and has chemistry with Ginobili seeing how they have played together before with the Argentina national team.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Would you rather see the Spurs bring try to add Andres to the team next season or stick with Diaw and Blair.