Actor Marc Blucas is a Spurs groupie


Actor Marc Blucas of the new TV show “Necessary Roughness” is a huge San Antonio Spurs groupie largely in part because he used to be a teammate of Spurs’ Tim Duncan while at Wake Forest.

In an interview with Lynn Hoppes of ESPN, Blucas revealed that although he didn’t make it in the NBA, he now lives through his friend:

“I knew it wasn’t going to happen. So now I live vicariously through Tim. I’m a Spurs groupie.”

Don’t we all wish we can be playing in the NBA and with the Spurs but alas like Blucas we live through Duncan and other NBA players.

However, while Blucas may be working on his new show, he took time to poke fun at Duncan sitting at home during the lockout:

“I’m out there every day doing my thing and my friend is just sitting home.”

Leave it to a long-time friends to get in some playful ribbing. What are friends for?