2009 NBA Draft Profile — Nick Calathes


calathes.jpgAt first glance, Nick Calathes doesn’t seem like the kind of guy the Spurs would draft. A 6’5″ PG who only weighs in at 185 and isn’t known for his athleticism. Sure he’s smart, an excellent passer, and possesses a decent 3 point shot, but his defense could be better, and he tends to take risks with his passes, sometimes resulting in a spectacular play, often times resulting in a turnover.

Then came the evidence that he is exactly the kind of guy the Spurs would draft. Team leader, a sort of on floor coach, gets to the free throw line, and is on his way to Greece. That’s right, he’s signed a contract to play with the Euroleague’s Panathinaikos.

College: Florida
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 185 lbs

His downfalls aside, he shares something in common with Pargo, he is a true point guard. His lack of raw athletic ability would be a dramatic shift from seeing Parker on the floor, but that can be a good thing. His creative passes and fantastic court vision aid his ability to deliver assists, and the pass before the assist. He probably won’t create instant offense of his own, but he can draw enough attention to himself to get the ball to someone else.

An unlikely pick for the Spurs at this point, but at the same time, the very kind of pick we have become used to them handing to us. A couple of years in Greece could help him bulk up a bit, which would definitely help his defense against some of the stronger guards in the league.