Where Can You Play Fantasy Basketball Right Now

Fantasy basketball experienced a decline this year because COVID-19 stopped pretty much all serious competitions like NBA or Euroleague, but 2021 is knocking at the door and ready to fight back! NBA teams are going back to the court this week and you should be preparing for another fantasy basketball season right now.

But if you are a brand new fantasy player, you probably have a few uncertainties and don’t know where or how to start. It all begins with a simple question: Where can I play fantasy basketball?

Hundreds of websites encourage you to take part in their fantasy setups, but only a handful of those provide players with perfect features and all-around services. We will show you the best fantasy basketball websites here.

  1. NBA Fantasy

If you are thinking about joining the fantasy game – and you obviously are – there is no better place to start than the NBA Fantasy website itself. Although it is the official website of the most prestigious basketball league in the world, that’s not the only thing that makes NBA Fantasy great for new players. On the contrary, NBA Fantasy is known for giving participants a broad scope of in-depth stats about teams, players, trends, and other information that help you create a better game plan.

  1. ESPN Fantasy Basketball

ESPN Fantasy Basketball is one of the most popular places for passionate players because it offers live updates and unparalleled data accuracy. The league looks highly professional and it covers every single aspect of the game. Besides that, we love ESPN’s user interface as it makes fantasy action simple and intuitive. Many fans tend to place wagers on fantasy sports, NBA – is one of the most popular fantasy leagues. Daily Fantasy Sports is the place, where you can have a good time placing bets on the game.

  1. CBS Sports

Another website that new players should check out is CBS Sports, a lovely place where you can enjoy all of the basic features of basketball fantasy without taking too much time to figure out the concept of the play. The site is also known for its live chat where competitors trash-talk each other during games. However, our favorite part is the analysis corner where you can always find useful articles about teams, fixtures, and players.

  1. Rotoworld

Rotoworld cannot compete with the previous entries on our list in terms of popularity, but it does make an excellent alternative. How come? The reason is simple – Rotoworld is highly customizable and you can approach fantasy basketball from different angles. For instance, the platform allows you to create limited-time leagues and promote weekly, monthly, or quarterly winners. It is only one example of Rotoworld customization functions, but you will discover many more when you start using it.

  1. Yahoo Sports

Millions of players choose Yahoo Sports as their primary fantasy basketball platform – and for good reasons. The platform is all you can expect from Yahoo: accurate, lightning-fast, and user-friendly. But there is one more thing that makes Yahoo Sports so popular and that is the sheer volume of quality video content. They really invest in creating a lot of valuable video content such as match highlights, previews, funny videos, top lists, and many more.

  1. Fleaflicker

If you want a fantasy league with hundreds of scoring options, rest assured Fleaflicker is the place to go and play the game. The best thing about Fleaflicker is that it comes in multiple versions, so you can launch it on your web browser or Android/iOS devices as a mobile app. Besides that, it offers a plethora of playing features beyond the regular season.

Up to You!

Fantasy basketball may as well be the most entertaining way to spend your time in the lockdown, so you better get ready because the NBA season starts very soon. We showed you the top seven fantasy basketball websites, but now you need to check them out and choose the one that suits your game plan the most!