Spurs vs. Jazz Recap


After back-to-back home losses against the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets, the Spurs got on the road to take on the Utah Jazz.  Turnovers had cost the Spurs both those games so the question going into tonight’s game was can they take care of the ball?

This is how it went down in Utah.

First Quarter:

Spurs started with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess, Richard Jefferson, and Keith Bogans.

Not a good way to start the game.  Boozer hits a shot for the “and 1” and the Jazz take the early lead and drew a foul on McDyess sending Boozer to the line.  Interesting to see the Spurs used Bogans to guard D. Williams.  They used a bigger player on D. Williams.  Also, Pop went to the bench early bringing in DeJuan Blair and Roger Mason.

First points for the Spurs were by TD and TP and throughout the quarter it was them carrying the team.

At the 5:59 point of the game it was Spurs 16, Jazz 13.

Great first quarter for the Spurs.  Passing the ball, taking care of the ball, and making their shots.  RJ hit a three point shot and at the end of the quarter it was Spurs 31, Jazz, 24.

Second Quarter

Spurs started with Duncan, Hill, Blair, Ginobili and Jefferson.

Spurs maintained the lead and early on in the quarter Okur picked off his third foul.  This could be key for the Spurs later on in the game.

At the 9:31 point of the game it was Spurs 37, Jazz 24.

Great defense on Boozer tonight.  On one play on the defensive end, Hill, Blair and RJ all collapsed Boozer in the paint to force the missed shot. Also Bonner hit 3-3 from the floor early on in the game.  But the Spurs started to miss shots and let the Jazz cut into the lead and at the 7:00 point of the quarter it was Spurs 43, Jazz 32.

Once again the Spurs turn the ball over.  First RJ traveled and Mason turned the ball over on a pass to Bonner.  Very frustrating to watch as a Spurs fan.

Bonner having a great first half.  At this point in the game he had 12 points, grabbing boards and hitting the outside shot.  He was 3-3 from the three-point line.  Also getting into the act was George Hill when he hit a three-point shot.

At the 2:38 it was Spurs, 51 Jazz, 42.

Spurs were doing a great defensive job on Deron Williams.  Not allowing him to get in the paint and minimizing his impact in the game. Also the Spurs were maintaining their lead without Parker in the game.

RJ continued to hit his outside shot but early on the Jazz were outscoring the Spurs in the paint and this allowed the Jazz to cut the Spurs lead and at the end of the first half it was Spurs 57, Jazz 49.

Leading the way for the Spurs was Duncan with 15 points and Bonner with 12 points. Spurs shot 53% from the floor, 56% from the three-point line and the bench scored 23 points. Spurs committed four turnovers.

Third Quarter:

The Spurs started with Duncan, Parker, Jefferson, Bogans, and McDyess.

Right off the bat the Spurs turned the ball over with an over-and-back foul.  But the Jazz were also not taking care of the ball and one Jazz turnover led to an easy bucket for Bogans. But the Jazz capitalized on Spurs missed shots and lack of offensive rebounding, cutting the lead to four and at the 8:19 point it was Spurs, 62 Jazz, 58.

The third quarter continued to be horrible for the Spurs. Ronnie Brewer drove to the lane for the “and 1” cutting the Spurs lead to 64-63.  But Parker hit the outside shot to up the lead to 66-63.

The quarter continued to be tough for the Spurs. Deron scored seven for the Jazz late in the quarter, the Spurs were not rebounding and were letting the Jazz get into the paint.   The Spurs lost the lead and at the 4:48 point it was Spurs, 68 Jazz, 74.

Okur hit a three, crowd back in the game, momentum swinging in the Jazz favor but the Spurs maintained focus and shots by Manu and Tony kept the score close and at the 2:15 point it was Spurs 73, Jazz 79.

This was a forgettable quarter for the Spurs. The Jazz got it done on the defensive end, and outscored the Spurs in the quarter, 37-19, to take a 86-75 lead into the fourth quarter. Jazz scored 18 points in the paint.

Fourth Quarter:

Spurs started with Bonner, Blair, Hill, Mason, and Jefferson.

Bonner hit a shot and hit a runner in the lane to start things off for the Spurs.  Early on in this quarter, the only Spur to show up was Bonner.  Also Pop went to Malik Hairston to try to get something going for this team.

Bonner continued to keep the Spurs in the game.  He was hitting his free-throws, and hitting the three shot.  For as much as the Spurs were playing terrible, they went on an 11-0 run and the score at the 5:51 point was Spurs 91, Jazz 92.

At the 3:00 point it was tied 96.

With the game tight with seconds left, Duncan hit two free throws to take a one point lead but Williams hit a shot over RJ and with 22 seconds left in the game Jazz were in the lead, 101-102.

However a final second miss by Bonner and the Spurs drop another game and lose their third in a row.  Final score from Utah 104-101.  Spurs record is now 9-9.  Their next game is against the Sacramento Kings.

Shiny Spur Award — Matt Bonner
Rusty Spur Award — Roger Mason


  • Matt Bonner led the way for the Spurs with 28 points off the bench. A career high for him.
  • Spurs had 15 turnovers tonight.
  • Spurs bench scored 42 points.
  • Spurs went 9-22 from the three point line.
  • Mason continued to look terrible on the floor. In 22 minutes he went 1-5 from the floor and scored three points.
  • Spurs lost three games to the Jazz this season.  They play the Jazz once more on January 20 in San Antonio
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