Spurs to sign Butler


According to wvillustrated.com, the San Antonio Spurs will sign guard/forward Da’Sean Butler:

According to the former Mountaineers’ Twitter account, the news came Friday, but the Spurs have yet to make an official statement. 

WV Illustrated put out a phone call to Spurs Senior Media Services Coordinator Kris Davis, who initially hinted that while he could not make an official statement, there would be news on the matter later Friday.

“I can’t say anything right now,” said Davis. “If you just sit tight, you might hear something later on today. I can’t comment on anything.”

Butler, who was drafted 43rd overall by the Miami Heat in the 2010 NBA Draft, is 6-7, 230 lbs.

I’m sure Spurs fans might be wondering, “Why not a big man?” Especially after Tim Duncan suffering an ankle injury leaving the Spurs’ frontcourt thin.


From wvillustrated.com:

“He signed this morning with the Spurs,” Butler’s agent, Chet Ervin, said Friday

“Throughout the season there has been interest from several teams and as he progressed and got healthier there were more and more teams that expressed interest,” says Ervin. “At the end of the day, we felt – Da’Sean felt – that the Spurs were the best organization, the best fit for him.”

Butler suffered a serious knee injury in his final game in college and was cleared by doctors last week to begin full workouts. That being said, it’s highly unlikely he will see action during games for the Spurs as he continues to rehab his knee.

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