Spurs rookie Kawhi Leonard could forgo Europe for Vegas


San Antonio Spurs fans may not have to wait until NBA owners and the NBA Players Association agree on a new collective bargaining agreement to see Spurs rookie Kawhi Leonard in action.

While several Spurs, including Danny Green, DeJuan Blair and Gary Neal have played in pro/ams throughout this summer, Leonard could be playing with all NBA players as part of a new league Impact Basketball is hoping to launch next month in Vegas, according to Hoopsworld (via Crossover Chronicles).

The league will play twice a day and games could be available online.

“It will start in September, with two games a day,” Jared Dudley told HOOPSWORLD. “There will be a blend of all-stars, veterans and rookies. We’ll play by NBA rules – have a 24-second shot clock and everything. You heard of the Drew League and Goodman League, but the difference with this league is that it’s not a pro-am. There will just be NBA pros. It really gets guys ready for the NBA season. I’m excited every summer because at Impact, you only can get better. Now, the games are there to put what you learn into action on the court.”

Leonard, who will likely be under a lot of pressure next season after he was acquired in a trade for fan favorite George Hill, could be playing with the likes of Chauncey Billups, John Wall, Kevin Garnett, Rudy Gay and Josh Smith. That type of competition could give Spurs fans a good early look at Leonard and what he could add to the Spurs.

For Spurs fans needing their basketball fix, mid-September is just around the corner. 

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