Spurs’ Parker on playing overseas, music career and playing ‘God’


At the beginning of the month, we showed you some videos of San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker playing “God” for two “Axe: Body Spray” commercials in France.

The French site Melty.Fr has released an interview with Parker in which he discusses whether he’ll play in France during the lockout, why he chose “Axe” as a marketing partner, why he hasn’t recorded any music lately and how it felt to play the man upstairs in the commercial.

Charles Alf conducted the interview in French, so I used a translator tool to transcribe it into English.

Quick note: Parker once again denied his remarks on the “Big Three” being done.

Parker on returning to France if the lockout lasts longer than expected:

“All will depend on how long it will last. Everyone is in limbo, we do not know what will happen, so I make my decision in September. “

Parker on his decision to choose Axe as a marketing partner:

[T]hey were leaving to support me in my operations (helping young people and promote basketball). Their speech appealed to me.”

Parker on his musical career being at a halt:

“Right now, I do not have time. I have other priorities with all my basketball camps, the France team, my cartoon.”

Parker on playing God in the commercial:

“It seems weird, but it is an honor.”

That last question had a pretty good answer, then again who wouldn’t want to be the “God” in a Axe angels commercial?

Aside from doing his marketing business over the summer, Parker is getting ready to start trainingfor the 2011 Eurobasket in Lithuania that begins next month. Parker is one Spurs player who is keeping himself very busy during this lockout/offseason.

(Photo: Melty.fr)

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