Spurs news and notes: Politics, rockers, weed and more


As the NBA lockout rages on, San Antonio Spurs news can be scarce. So here are a few news and notes you may have missed on your favorite team.

• Spurs owner Peter Holt may be embroiled in the CBA negotiations; however, he still has a hand in Texas politics. Check out how much he donated to Texas Governor Rick Perry:

Some of Perry’s donors in the $100,000-plus bracket include Fort Worth billionaire Lee Bass, Plano developer H. Ross Perot Jr., Dallas entrepreneur Kenny Troutt, oilman T. Boone Pickens, Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton of Mineral Wells, Dallas investor Sam Wyly, and Peter Holt, chairman of the board of the San Antonio Spurs. (heraldnet.com)

• As you know, we here at Project Spurs are rockers so we were happy to see one of our favorite metal band front man for Five Finger Death Punch, Ivan Moody, is a Spurs fan:

It probably helped that at its local debut, on the side stage at the Korn-fed Family Values Tour at the Verizon in August 2007, FFDP front man Ivan Moody proclaimed his love for the Spurs, who were just coming off a championship season. (Express News)

• Express News’ Tim Griffin has some info on the Spurs really liking Nike sneakers:

Like most of their NBA counterparts and American consumers for that matter, the Spurs have a heavy demand for Nike shoes.

• Former Spurs player Samaki Walker sure does love weed:

Former NBA big man and current star of the Syrian league Samaki Walker tried to beat a drug rap last Thursday, after his Mercedes was pulled over, by doing what any sensible pothead would do. He tried to eat the stuff as the police closed in.

• Spurs Brazil interviews Adam Hanga.

• Pounding the Rock says there is much basketball to be played despite the lockout.

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