Spurs’ Hanga says he could be with Spurs in two seasons


As reported last week by Project Spurs’ Paul Garcia, Adam Hanga – Spurs’ 2011 NBA draftee – was in San Antonio to acclimate himself with the team and take in the Alamo City.

After his visit to San Antonio, he is back in Hungary and spoke with Nemzeti Sport Online on his visit with the Spurs.

First off, Hanga felt the trip to San Antonio was “super cool” and was very excited to see Tim Duncan’s and Tony Parker’s locker in the Spurs’ locker room.

Hanga went on to say the Spurs were able to talk with him about what the team plans to do with him, ran him through some training sessions, went through a medical check up, and even gave him a plan to improve. Specifically, he said San Antonio told him he needs to get stronger and gave him a training plan to follow during the summer.

Hanga also spoke on his tour of the Spurs practice facility and said everything about the facility was professional, modern, and loved the fact the billiard tables in the facility had the Spurs’ logo across the tables.

He further said despite the NBA lockout, he will still continue to workout, get himself ready should the Spurs bring him over and he was happy to get a Spurs’ sports bag, socks, T-shirt, and pants for his summer training.

Hanga also takes comfort in the Spurs’ great reputation of incorporating foreign basketball players and points to Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili as prime examples.

Overall, Hanga says his visit with the Spurs only inspired him to work hard and feels he could be offered a contract by the Spurs in two seasons if he puts in the work.

Since the source is a Hungarian news website, Hanga’s answers are a rough English translation as provided by Google Translate.

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