Spurs’ Ginobili to retire in two years?


In an interview with TN.com.ar, San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili said he is aware he has two more years under contract with the Spurs but does not have a definite date for his retirement. 

And even though Manu thinks two years from now would be a good time to retire, recognizing he will be 36-years old, he is still unsure:

“La verdad es que no tengo definida la fecha de mi retiro, pero tengo dos años más de contrato en San Antonio, y voy a llegar con 36 años. Me parece que puede ser una edad adecuada para dejar de jugar, pero no lo sé.”

However, he does say if and when he does retire from the NBA, he does not have a desire to play with the Argentinian National League in his home country. He would like to go out playing at the highest level of basketball – the NBA:

“I never had the desire to play in the country and retire at home, but do not say that after I pass. I always thought about retiring at the highest level and in the most demanding,”

As for playing with Argentina this summer, Ginobili still has not received confirmation the insurance issue has been resolved.

So Spurs fans, take in these last two seasons of Ginobili wearing a Spurs uniform. It may be the last two years we see Manu play the game as no other of his style has ever played.

Manu is a rare breed of athlete, a rare breed.

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(Photo: Daylife.com) 

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