Ryan Richards wants to help the Spurs win, will remain in Europe


After being selected by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2010 draft, Ryan Richards has made great strides in his basketball career considering when he did come to San Antonio, it was not to hit the court but to rehabilitate a shoulder injury.

Richards moved to San Antonio so the Spurs could oversee recovery of his shoulder surgery and to learn more about the game:

“I’ve spent most of my time since moving to San Antonio in rehab, getting healthy and learning about the game. It was a tough season but I’m enjoying being part of one of the best franchises in basketball.”

And perhaps some of the lessons learned with his time with the Spurs has paid off.

After a solid performance in the Great Britain U20 tournament, Richards was invited to join the Great Britain men’s senior team and for Richards, which fulfilled a career goal for himself:

“Playing in the Olympics is one of my main career goals and to do it not far from where I grew up would be fantastic.”

But for Spurs fans hoping to see Richards in a black and silver uniform, it would seem they will have to wait just a bit longer. Richards says he plans to return to Europe but does hope the Spurs take notice of his improved game and wants to help the Spurs win:

“I’ll probably be coming back to Europe to start with next season to prove myself. I just want to show I have what it takes to help the Spurs win.”

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