Role reversal fits Bogans & Bonner


By Robby Lim

In the last couple of games, the Spurs seem to be more focused and play with urgency. Jefferson, Manu and George Hill are all stepping up their games lately with Duncan and Parker out with injuries.  But it’s important to note a change in Popovich’s rotation in the Raptors and Mavericks games, which has done wonders for two role players — Keith Bogans and Matt Bonner.

I gathered some statistics which show that Keith Bogans plays better as a starter while Matt Bonner is better off the bench.  Take a look.


Off the Bench

As Starter

Minutes Per Game: 8.3

Points Per Game: 0.7

Rebounds Per Game: 0.3

Assist Per Game: 0.7

Field Goal Percentage: 33.33%

Minutes Per Game: 25

Points Per Game: 9.0

Rebounds Per Game: 2.3

Assist Per Game: 1.0

Field Goal Percentage: 60.0%


Off the Bench

As Starter

Minutes Per Game: 31

Points Per Game: 14.5

Rebounds Per Game: 6.5

Assist Per Game: 2.0

Field Goal Percentage: 43.47%

3 Point Percentage: 53.8%

Minutes Per Game: 20

Points Per Game: 6.0

Rebounds Per Game: 3.2

Assist Per Game: 1.2

Field Goal Percentage: 37.93%

3 Point Percentage: 28.6%

It goes without saying the more time a player gets on the court, the better stats a player will give a team.  However, the Spurs won their last two games with Bogans starting and Bonner coming from the bench.  If stats don’t lie then Coach Pop needs to listen.  This change might just be what the Spurs need to continue their winning ways.

What are your thoughts on this role reversal for Bogans and Bonner and should there be more players trading roles on the Spurs roster? Leave your comments below.

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