Report: Lorbek coming to San Antonio


According to the Spanish Newspaper Mundo Deportivo, San Antonio Spurs’ Erazem Lorbek will be making his way to the Spurs this coming season. A resident from Spain, @DudaSun, sent this picture from today’s newspaper in Spain that states Lorbek is coming to San Antonio (lower corner text). The Spanish resident sent this message to my twitter account.

Mundo Deportivo, a newspaper of Barcelona, after an interview with their GM ‘Lorbek will play in San Antonio’

The source states that the GM of FCB Regal, where Lorbek just won a championship, has stated that Lorbek is definitely making his way across the pond to play for the Spurs. Now comes the question if the Spurs will be able to sign him and at what cost seeing how they have current free agents to take care of such as Tim Duncan, Danny Green, and Gary Neal.

Be sure to return to Project Spurs later where we’ll have more information on the growing story of Lorbek coming to San Antonio.

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