More Spurs Trade Rumors!


Here is the latest.  According to the Sacramento Bee, the Spurs are interested in either John Salmons or Brad Miller.

According to a source close to the Spurs, San Antonio has interest in Salmons or Miller and the only way of landing one of them may be by way of the man who so many Kings fans despise. Horry the Kings-killer is not playing and has shown no signs of coming out of retirement, but he may be the only way San Antonio can land Salmons or Miller. The Spurs, according to the source, are considering which player helps them more and trying to figure out what it would take to bring one of them on board. The big three of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are obviously untouchable, and there aren’t a whole lot of intriguing or attractive players or contracts beyond that.

Enter Horry, who would re-sign with San Antonio for this season only in a deal worth (insert necessary $ figure here) and then be traded. He would then be waived by the Kings while chuckling on his way out the door with a huge check in hand, with the Kings also possibly taking back Michael Finley (expiring deal worth $2.5 million) and getting out from underneath a contract (Salmons or Miller) they no longer see as part of the big picture plan. Because Horry played last season, I believe it’s within the post-retirement timeframe that this sort of deal would still be allowed by the league. The part where this likely falls apart – if it’s ever discussed at all – is the Kings wanting more. 

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