Mailbag with Coach Pop

0 recently sat down with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich to ask him questions Spurs fans submitted.

Here are a few of the questions that Pop answered:

Question: Has Gary Neal been a surprise to you and the coaching staff with what he is doing on the court?
GP: I don’t think it’s really a surprise. We knew he could shoot the ball, we knew he is a tough young man. We’re pleased what we thought to be true came out once the lights came on. We may occasionally think about someone during the summer or Summer League and the lights come on with the big boys and someone might not do the same things, but he has and we’re pleased with that.

Question: Hey Pop, honestly, are you just jealous of Craig Sager’s fashion sense?
GP: Absolutely not. My wife would have left me long ago if I dressed like him.

Question: Hey Coach Pop, I know there was a lot of unfair expectations put on Tiago Splitter coming into this season. How do you feel he has handled the transition to the NBA?
GP: He has done a very good job. He is a very frustrated player right now because he is not getting minutes. He comes in before and after every practice and works very hard. Missing training camp really hurt him, for a lot of reasons that are pretty obvious. He has been behind the power curve the entire year but he continues to work and we’re trying hard to find him minutes and hopefully he’ll be more of a significant factor by the time playoffs come.

For the rest of the questions and Pop’s answers, including his four favorite citys to visit on the road, read the mailbag at

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