Lockout even impacting ex-Spur Bowen


With the NBA lockout officially completing its first month and an uncertain future ahead for the NBA, it would seem the lockout is slowly taking its toll.

So much in fact that former San Antonio Spurs player Bruce Bowen says the broadcasting world is bracing for life without the NBA, as he tries to get a new deal with ESPN:

“What I hear is not good,” said former Heat forward Bruce Bowen, trying to negotiate a new deal with ESPN amid the uncertainty. “January. January! That sends a message to the players. That sends a message to me.”

There will be no doubt broadcasting networks are at a standstill with the lockout in full effect. Schedules will have to be adjusted, and many NBA T.V. analysts, such as Bowen, could be without a job until the lockout ends. But most of all, the fans will be affected as they won’t be able to watch their favorite basketball teams take the court every night from the comfy confines of their homes.

While today’s CBA meeting being a positive sign, let’s hope it paves way for a good outcome to this lockout. Besides, all Spurs fans might miss seeing Bowen’s glorious bow-ties on T.V. 

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