Spurs’ Jefferson on Tony Parker’s All-Star snub


The 2011 NBA All-Star game kicks off tonight and the San Antonio Spurs will be well represented.

Tim Duncan will be starting for the Western Conference team while Manu Ginobili will be a reserve for the West squad coached by Spurs’ Gregg Popovich.

However, one Spurs’ player notably left off the All-Star squad is Tony Parker. 

Many felt Parker deserved a spot on the West roster especially with the season he is having. Parker is averaging 17.4 points, 6.7 assists, 1.3 steals per game. Basically all his numbers are up from last season.

There was also the argument that if the Boston Celtics can have four players in the All-Star game based on their record then Spurs should have the “Big Three” in Los Angeles seeing how San Antonio has maintained their league-leading record.

While I was in Philadelphia during the Rodeo Road Trip, Spurs’ Richard Jefferson spoke to me on Parker’s snub and had this to say:

“You look at we have the best record in the best conference and he wasn’t able to make it. I know the West is loaded but that should put even more of an emphasis on how impressive our record is and how great he has been,” said Jefferson. 

“We’ve blown out a lot of teams, so him and Tim (Duncan) might not play in the fourth quarter so their numbers aren’t indicative of guys that are going to be playing 40 minutes every single night because their teams need that.”

Jefferson continued, “He does what our team needs for us. Again I would never disrespect somebody and say they don’t deserve it but that being said, I definitely believe my teammate deserved it.”

I believe all Spurs fans throughout the world will agree with Jefferson.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? You read what Jefferson had to say but do you think Parker should be playing tonight?

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