How Danny Green spent his summer

San Antonio Spurs' Danny Green has been a very busy man this summer. Seemingly to always be in constant motion, Green has stayed active to say the least. He’s gone all the way from China, to New York, to touring South Texas. And those are only just a few of the spots he was able to hit this summer.
In an interview with Maxim, Green had this to say about his travels to China.
“In every city I visited in China there were interesting moments. From the culture to the fans, I experienced the country in ways I never imagined I would. In Taiwan it was the food, it was a lot better than I'd expected. In Beijing, it was the diversity of the people. The city reminded me a lot of Chinatown back home in New York. In Inner Mongolia it was the underdeveloped style of living. Everything we did was very rustic, from horseback riding to archery. We also stayed in huts, which was something I never thought I'd do.”
“The food was what I'd say I was the most adventurous with. Every restaurant had something unique. I tried anything put in front of me. Except for the drinks, I'm not a big drinker and I noticed they were pretty strong for the Americans. One night I was the guest of honor for a huge dinner. I was brought a large cooked lamb on a plate and as the guest of honor, had to bless it, slice into it, and serve it to everyone at the table. I'd had lamb before, but everything about that experience was new and interesting.”
Green’s time off was well deserved after his breakout postseason.
He’s been questioned multiple times about continuing the development of his game throughout the offseason. Spurs fans are hoping he can keep that hot shooting touch this season and are anxious to see the work Green has put into taking his game to the next level.

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