End of the Week Links 10/3/09


Training camp is finally here and that means the season is just around the corner. It also means the articles about the Spurs are more interesting. There are some great links in here.

  • Express-News – Jeff McDonald discusses James Gist’s absence from training camp. Paradoxically, it’s because the Spurs think he is an NBA player. However, they don’t have space for him on the team and want to retain his rights by leaving him overseas.
  • Ball Don’t Lie – I was a little confused when I didn’t see Tim Duncan at the top of Kelly Dwyer’s list of Top 10 Power Forwards of the last decade. Then he put out his Top 10 Centers and now it all makes sense.
  • Ball Don’t Lie – Here is Dwyer’s list of top 10 Point Guards of the last decade. Tony Parker checks in a 6. My only beef with the list is Gilbert Arenas at 4. Yes he can score but has he been a top point guard? I don’t think so.
  • Ball Don’t Lie – Finally, this is Dwyer’s list of top 10 Shooting Guards. Manu Ginobili is at 6 and I can’t argue with his logic.
  • The Hoop Doctors – This early season prediction has the Spurs winning 64 games. But do they win the championship? Click to check it out.
  • Express-News – Pop has shortened the Spurs play book for all the new players. What, no more 4-down?
  • 48MoH – Timothy Varner aks if the Spurs are Tony Parker’s team now? From an leadership standpoint they are Duncan’s until he retires, but it does seem like Parker is the offensive leader these days.
  • PTR – A look at NBA coaches through Jane Austen characters. It’s as odd as it sounds yet strangely fascinating.
  • PTR – Taking a look at the Spurs age issue with some statistical analysis. I do love me some advanced stats.
  • 48MoH – Parker will sit out the first few weeks of training camp, and Varner is excited about George Hill’s opportunity to run with the starters.

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