Dwight Howard picking Thunder over Spurs


It is the most highly anticipated playoff series matchup as the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder get set to face this Sunday in San Antonio.

Everyone has an opinion on the outcome of this series. Some point to the Spurs’ experience and balance with youth as the reasons San Antonio will move on for a shot at their fifth NBA crown while others point to the Thunder’s youth and hunger to make it to their first NBA Finals appearance.

And even Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard is weighing in on the Spurs-Thunder series and is picking them to win it all.

“I think this is just their time. Just watching their games, watching their fans. A million people outside their arena and you’e got the arena packed. That’s just amazing. That’s very inspirational. When you have a whole city behind you, it makes you want to go out and give everything you’ve got.”

Well Dwight, I think I speak for all Spurs fans by saying fans in and outside the arena won’t be a critical deciding factor for OKC.

The Spurs have a much deeper bench, have the better coach (Gregg Popovich), and the Thunder do not have an answer for Tim Duncan. Furthermore, the Spurs proved they can handle the Thunder in the regular season (2-1) and Tony Parker lit up the Thunder for 42 points in a regular season matchup. Sure, the series is going to be one competitive series with most, if not all, games being decided in the fourth quarter, but the Thunder haven’t faced a complete team like the Spurs in the playoffs.

Seems Howard need to bone up on what really matters about this series on the court. That, or worry about his future with the Magic.

What do you have to say about Howard’s comments on picking the Thunder over the Spurs.