NBA Great Recognizes Tim Duncan. It’s Time You Do As Well.


In a recent interview with Julius “Dr. J” Erving, when asked who he would want to play with, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, he responded neither.  He would want to play with Tim Duncan. 

Ask NBA legend and Hall of Famer Dr. J, Julius Erving, which current superstar he’d like to play alongside and it would be neither of those two reigning kings of the court.

If Dr. J could roll back the clock and suit up with a current NBA player, the answer might surprise you.

“I like the way Tim Duncan plays,” he said.

Dr. J said: “He’s a centre and I had Moses Malone (with the Philadelphia 76ers in the early 80s). Having the dominant guy in the middle makes the job a little bit easier. He plays a fundamental game and even though my game was rooted in fundamentals there were a lot of extraordinary things that happened on the court for me because of fundamentals being intact.

“I would have liked to play with him.”

Isn’t it typical the interviewer went directly to James and Bryant.  Once again proving how Duncan isn’t thought of as a current NBA Superstar.  Also, why is it a “surprising” pick by Dr. J?

This isn’t the first time an NBA legend recognizes Tim Duncan.  Bill Russell has paid numerous compliments to Tim Duncan and the Spurs.  He has defended Duncan’s style of play as efficient and not boring as the media and NBA fans have painted it out to be.

So here we have two NBA legends recognizing Tim Duncan’s style and appreciate his contributions on the court.  So what’s been the problem with those in the media and the NBA fan who paint Duncan as boring?

Oh I know, it’s because he doesn’t curse on the bench when injured, bully smaller players and bark like a dog like Kevin Garnett does.  It must be because he doesn’t have rape allegations or alienate fellow teammates like Kobe Bryant.  Surely it must be because he doesn’t display unsportman like conduct when losing in the NBA playoffs or confiscates video of him getting dunked on like LeBron James.  Perhaps it must be because he doesn’t complain about playing off the bench or about attending practice like Allen Iverson.  Because Duncan has never done any of the above should make NBA fans appreciate him but unfortunately he has been labeled as boring.

Duncan has four NBA titles, multiple All Star Game appearances, back to back MVP trophys, three NBA Finals MVP trophies, and has made his teammates around him better.  He takes critiscism from Coach Pop, makes his teammates better, and is a winner.  He may not have the flash, glitz or drama the media and NBA fans crave but at the end of the day he has the resume to back it up.  Off the court you never hear anything negative about him.  He is what the NBA needs as a shining example of its players.  I am sure all those NBA fans and media who called him boring, would be singing another tune if he was wearing their favorite team’s jersey.

It’s ashame calling him “boring” is something fashionable to say.  The day Duncan retires the casual NBA fan will appreciate him but it would be too late.  Why not appreciate him now?  He is 32 years old and has 2 or 3 more years before he leaves the NBA.  He is one of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA, legends of the game see his genius on the court, and he has a better career then LeBron, KG, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant.  He deserves respect from the media and fans of the NBA.

And one more tidbit, the Spurs own the best winning percentage in ALL of American major sports in the last decade.  It’s not a coincidence it started when Duncan was drafted and became a Spur.

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