Choosing The Best Golf Balls: A Complete Review On TaylorMade’s New Models

Is selecting a golf ball important? While most beginners may say no, in a matter of fact, it is essential if you are looking to boost your performance on the field! A high-quality ball can ensure more significant distance, spin, and give you more accuracy and control.

As you now see, picking the right ball is almost as important as choosing a good club. It is not too easy to define which option suits you most. There are many factors to keep in mind, including the quality of material, core, construction, and so on. However, if you are feeling stuck, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we are going to share with you our TaylorMade golf balls reviews. Let’s dive in!

A Review On TaylorMade’s Newest Golf Balls

If you are looking for the best golf balls to boost your performance, look at the newest TP5 and TP5x balls introduced by the industry’s leader TaylorMade in 2019.

Both models are made of an innovative High-Flex Material. As the company claims, the use of new material has allowed them to add even more speed, spin, control, and increase the overall performance. Another highlight of the company’s new product is its unique 5-layer construction. Unlike the standard three or four layers, such a construction maintains high velocity and helps to reach the perfect balance of the spin and speed. At the same time, balls maintain an incredibly soft core.

What else does a golfer need to know about TP5 and TP5x? Here are some of the main highlights:

High-Flex Material – this is a brand new material, and it is considered to be the fastest ever used by this brand. HFM is supposed to boost the force on the club’s face and generate more rebound energy, which both contribute to enhancing a ball’s speed.
Driver and ball interaction – the brand was testing how the use of new material could help improve the interaction between a ball and a driver and convert compression into speed.
Unique Speed-Layer System – as was mentioned earlier, TaylorMade has applied their signature 5-layer construction to the new models. However, there is one difference – the construction of their new balls consists of four stiff layers, and one created with the new material. Together, these layers ensure higher speed and spin.
Tri-Fast Core – it consists of three elements: a large, low-compression inner core, solid outer core, and a mantle. Altogether, these layers enhance carry and decrease drag. This contributes to better performance, regardless of the speed of your swing.
Dual-Spin Cover – the new balls by TaylorMade come with a more rigid inner and ultra-soft cast urethane cover. Such a blend ensures better control and max spin generation.
Price – although both TP5 and TP5x were released in 2019 (which makes them brand new products), the price tag is quite pocket-friendly and reaches around $60.

TP5 or TP5x: Which Option To Choose?

Both models are similar in construction and seem to deliver top-notch performance, speed, and control regardless of the player’s swing and technique. Also, both balls offer decent distance off the tee. So, what makes them different? If you are wondering which option to opt for, you should keep in mind that TP5 has a lower compression of 85 and, thus, offers a softer feel. It also has more spin on the green and generates lower launching iron shots. TP5x, on the contrary, has a higher compression of 97 and a firmer feel. Also, it produces higher launching iron shots.

With these distinctive features in mind, you should be able to pick an option that suits you most!