Ex-Spur Haislip racking up passport stamps


Spur for a minute Marcus Haislip is back from China, deciding where to play next. Since leaving the San Antonio Spurs, Haislip has been all over.

According to a story from his hometown paper of the Marshall County Tribune, Haislip went to Greece to play for Greek Basketball League team Panathinaikos and then went to Spain to play for Caja Laboral (Tiago Splitter’s old team). Most recently, Haislip went to China, where he played for the Guangdong Southern Tigers.

With the exception of his NBA teams, Haislip says he’s played a key role with every team he’s been on.

“I’ve had leading roles for teams, but I definitely don’t want to be giving myself a star label,” Haislip said. “It’s definitely (rewarding in terms of salary and) allowed me to pay the bills. It’s been a blessing.”

While he figures out where to play next (he’s likely headed back to China), Haislip is in his hometown of Lewisburg, TN to watch a local 3-on-3 basketball tournament that he donated $3,500 to.

The article also covered Haislip’s time in Europe and how it compares to the states. Definitely worth a read. Nice to see any player, especially a former Spur giving back to his community.