Young NBA Fan Reflects On David Robinson


We continue day three of our week long tribute to David Robinson with a guest post by Alex Curtis-Slep of NBAtipoff.  As a young NBA fan, Alex didn’t get to enjoy Robinson’s NBA career.  In his post, he writes on his impressions of The Admiral and gives his recognition to Robinson as he enters the NBA Hall of Fame.  Be sure to also follow Alex on twitter.

By Alex Curtis-Slep, Creator

This former Spur could really ball.  How do I know?  Dude had 71 points in a game, had a quadruple double and, if you take a minute to watch him, he holds his own down low and changes the game.  Even if you’re not a Spurs fan (like me), you have to appreciate what he’s done.

Speaking as a young NBA fan, I only have a vague memory of Robinson’s game.  But thanks to NBA TV and YouTube, I’ve refreshed my memory.  I knew that Robinson was a great, fundamentally sound big man, but I never remembered how he dominated the paint.  He didn’t allow anything easy, blocked like a beast and didn’t take plays off.

If you don’t believe in his play, then just take a quick look at these numbers: two time NBA champ, owns Spur records for rebounds and blocks and he’s a three time Olympian (member of the first dream team).  Need more?  Just check this out.

All the basketball accomplishments aside, something that was another huge part of his success was his attitude.  I know Robinson was a great guy, he gave back, always a had a great overall attitude.  You can’t put a value on that part of a players game.  That helps make them great.

If basketball alone wasn’t enough for you to recognize Robinson for who he is, just take a minute to think about David Robinson the person.