You Know You’re A Spurs Fan When……… Part II (Fan Edition)


Well fans of Project Spurs have spoken out and given us their best “You Know You’re A Spurs Fan When . . .” lines.  Thanks to Fred, Matt, Dan Ehrlich and Ronald for their contributions and if other Spurs fans want to chime in please leave us a comment.  Oh and memo to Shawn (Project Spurs writer) it’s time to get a new Spurs cap.

These are some hilarious lines!

You get arrested jumping the fence at the airport to see them during a pep rally in the 2003 NBA Finals.

Dan Ehrlich:
You find an excuse to go home early
from a night out with friends in order to connect to Audio League Pass
and stay up till the early morning hours to listen to a Spurs game!

.4 seconds makes you angry.

You can justify having Stephen Jackson on your team.

Signing Malik Rose to a 7 year, $42 Million deal makes sense because you like the guy so much.

You ate at Malik’s Philly Cheese Steak Restaurant and convinced yourself it was good.

Odd years just feel like a good time.

You stream WOAI because you are out of town and the game is not on TV.

You LOVE playing the Suns in the playoffs.

You argue that Amare and Diaw were rightfully suspended.

You still get goosebumps when David Robinson gets a standing ovation in the AT&T Center.


You remember that we drafted Walter Berry.

You ever gave cans of food for tickets at the Hemisfair arena.

You waited in line for playoff tickets, called school to say you were sick, and then got pictured on the news at noon.

You cried when they lost against Phoenix in the 1993 playoffs and knew that was the last game there.

You sat in the last row of the Alamodome to see a game.

You stayed outside the Alamodome for tickets to the 1999 finals.

You ran up and down the stairs at the Alamodome carrying a Spurs flag and chanting “GO SPURS GO!”

You got stuck in Rivercenter parking garage and honked your horn so people would cheer.