You Know You’re A Spurs Fan When………


It’s great to be a Spurs fan.  Sharing memories of games and players past.  Knowing we have a winning and respected franchise.  However we tend to be a bit over zealous in displaying our affection to our team. 

Our apologies to Spurs fans who never lived in San Antonio if some of the following is unclear to you but you know you’re a Spurs fan when…….

You order Barbacoa and drink Big Red for Sunday Spurs games.

You have an Uncle who wears a tight fitting David Robinson jersey over his beer-belly while holding a 40 oz. Corona.

You are ready to jump off a bridge when the Spurs have a 2-game losing streak . . . . .in November!

You cried when Malik Rose was traded to the NY Knicks.

You decided to have a Barbeque after the Spurs won a title . . . ON THE HIGHWAY!

You think you have the day off in honor of the Memorial Day Miracle and not because it’s actually Memorial Day.

Your job lets you wear Spurs gear every Friday during the playoffs.

You are still wearing Spurs gear with the old teal, orange and fuscia colors.

You are still wearing a Dennis Rodman jersey.

You cheered for Avery Johnson when he was a Spur but quickly called him a traitor when he coached the Mavs.

You associate Fiesta Week with the start of the Spurs playoffs.

You remember Sean Elliott saying “TA-CO CA-BA-NA”.

You know someone who pronounces “Spurs” as “Es-Spurs”.

You been to Fatso’s Sports Bar on Bandera Road to watch a Spurs game.

You have more photos of the Spurs in your home then you do of your own family.

Two guys start a Spurs blog and podcast, 5 years ago, and are still enjoying it today!