Part 3 (Fan Edition): You Know When You are A Spurs Fan When. . .


Project Spurs fans are still sending us their comments on how much they are super Spurs fans.  If you have any to please leave us a comment.  Take a look:

You know you’re a Spurs fan when…

You paid $10 to watch a closed circut Spurs game at Henry B. Gonzalez convention center.

You were at the Draft Party in 1991 for Schintzus, Massenburg and Higgins.

You thought that Charles Smith was the answer to our title dreams.

You stayed up to watch the tape delay of the Spurs vs. Lakers in 1983.

You would get excited when you heard them play ” the San Antonio rose” or ” The Cotton Eyed Joe.”

You dreamed of one day being a ” Baseline Bum.”

You remember that Lone Star ” Was the official beer of your San Antonio Spurs.”

You still cringe when you hear Rod Strickland and Portland in the same sentence.

You remember the “Bruise Brothers”.

You remember that even worse than Walter Berry, we drafted Alfredrick Hughes.

You attended the first practice with Dennis Rodman and he was an hour late.

You hate in order the Lakers, the Jazz, the Rockets, and the Mavericks.

You listened to the game on WOAI when David Robinson scored 71 pts.

You know that David Robinson’s 10th block for his quadruple-double was against Sean Elliott.

You sat in your living room on June 25th and rewatched game 5 and celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the 1999 championship.

Hope you enjoy these and I’ll see if I can remember some more. Go SPURS Go!

David Reyna:
You were one of the thousands in 2001 to say ” who the heck is Tony Parker?”

You jumped up down like a little kid like David Robinson did when Steve Kerr went on a 3 point party against the Mavs in 2003.

You knew if Robert Horry could get a clear shot, that he was gonna drain it – Finals 2005.

You blame Juwan Howard for losing to the Lakers in 2001 Conference Finals.

You laugh at Derek Andersons carrer after bolting for the Blazers.

You remember Marcus Camby taking a big swing at Danny Ferry.

You gasped as Robert Horry’s three-point shot went halfway down then popped out.

Dan Ehrlic:
You stand courtside at the Alamodome after a Spurs pre-game shootaround in 2001 to wait for players’ autographs, realizing you’re the only adult there, surrounded by young kids doing the exact same thing as you. Convincing yourself it is still OK as you did fly half-way around the world to watch the Spurs.