Yeah The Spurs Are Coming Home But So What!


Ok the Spurs are back in SA after two humiliating beating by the hands of the Hornets in Games 1 and 2.  Now Spurs nation is going a bit overboard on the fact the Spurs are coming back home for games 3 and 4.  Just because they are coming back to SA doesn’t mean crap!  Coming home does not give this team an instant win, they still have to play the game.  Like I said in the Hornets/Spurs podcast preview, the preview blog (yes there is a playoff blog on this series but it hasn’t been posted), hell, even in podcasts before the playoffs started, I was nervous about this Hornets team and warned my Co-Host Mike, about this team.  I even picked the Hornets to win this series!  Looks like I am right so far. . . unfortunately. It’s like you can already predict the flow of Game 3.  Spurs and Hornets trade buckets in the first quarters, Spurs show signs of life in the second quarter, Spurs take lead at half, and Spurs fall apart in the third and fourth quarters. What I am trying to get at is just because the Spurs are back in SA doesn’t mean squat!  This Hornets team beat the crap out of the Spurs this season and you know Byron Scott is reminding his team of this fact.  Spurs haven’t showed anything to Spurs Nation in this series other than they are old, and lack a killer instinct. They didn’t even make the games 1 and 2 competative so what can I hang my hat on as the Spurs return to SA?  NOTHING!

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