WWE wrestlers slam Spurs early playoff exit


Hopefully by now San Antonio Spurs fans have gotten over the Spurs early exit from the playoffs, are looking forward to next season and anxious to see what the Spurs do in the offseason.

But leave it to the WWE, which made a stop in San Antonio yesterday for Monday Night Raw, to open old wounds of Spurs fans in attendance at the AT&T Center.

During the match between The Miz and John Cena, seems some cheap shots were aimed at the Spurs stunning loss to the Memphis Grizzlies:

Riley says he knows what Cena is going to say and introduces a video of Miz beating on Cena. Here’s Miz who looks weird without the title. Riley talks about how everyone has underestimated Miz. They’re in the ring now and Cena isn’t pleased. We get some classic cheap heat on the San Antonio Spurs for choking.

OK so I know this is meant to rile up the crowd but how many Spurs fans will tell these behemoths to zip their lip on the Spurs? Anyone? Yeah I thought so.