Spurs news and notes: History on the Spurs side, wussies, and more


• NBA.com talks about how the San Antonio Spurs should look to history as they stare down a 3-1 deficit to the Memphis Grizzlies:

Stranger things have happened. That’s what the Spurs have to tell themselves.

Some of us have seen them up close. In fact, this is the 30th anniversary of one of the most memorable comebacks in league history.

• NBA.com sees Tiago Splitter as a possible curve ball to throw at the Grizzlies:

Trailing 3-1 in the series, the Spurs are desperate and Popovich is likely to try anything. So since Splitter wasn’t afraid to mix it up inside with the Grizzlies, maybe he’s a lifeline on the road back.

• SI.com puts some blame on Matt Bonner for the Spurs’ struggles:

It is not Matt Bonner’s fault that the Grizzlies are one win away from eliminating the top-seeded Spurs. But the backup’s time on the court throughout the series, and specifically in Memphis’ Game 4 victory Monday, sheds light on two intersecting issues that go a long way toward explaining an upset few predicted.

• Express News’ Tim Griffin reports Antonio McDyess doesn’t regret calling out his teammates:

Antonio McDyess expressed no remorse Wednesday for some strong comments he had about his team’s attitude during a Game 4 loss at Memphis. McDyess call his team “a bunch of wussies” after their struggles in a 102-84 loss to Memphis which has dropped the Spurs into a 3-1 hole in the best-of-seven series.

• Kens 5 says things went down hill for the Spurs after the huge win against the Miami Heat.

• Pounding the Rock previews tonight’s Spurs-Grizzlies game five.

• Playmakeronline.com has three things the Spurs must do to save their season.

• Reds Army keeps an eye on the Spurs.

• Grizzlies blog 3 Shades of Blue is wating for an apology.

• Spurs.com has some practice videos for you to enjoy.