Writer’s Sound Off: Open Mic


open mixOpen mics are usually saved for poetry slams, comedy clubs or bars, but for this week’s writer’s sound off, Paul Garcia, Trevor Zickgraf and I all talked about random San Antonio Spurs topics.

Find out which one of us said, “Rick Barnes sucks as a coach” below.

Michael De Leon, Founder – {audio}http://cinch.fm/projectspurs/267235.mp3{/audio}
Paul Garcia, Lead Writer – {audio}http://cinch.fm/projectspurs/266705.mp3{/audio}
Trevor Zickgraf, Staff Writer – {audio}http://cinch.fm/projectspurs/266819.mp3{/audio}

Now that we’ve had our turn at the mic, it’s your turn to sound off in the comments. Feel free to comment on any of our takes or take the open mic as well.