Writers Sound Off: European Invasion


With several players following Deron Williams’ lead and signing contracts with European teams, including San Antonio Spurs free agent Chris Quinn, Paul Garcia, Trevor Zickgraff and I sounded off on our thoughts on some of the signings, if it will hurt the NBA or if it might make the owners reconsider their cuts.

Michael De Leon, Founder – {audio}http://cinch.fm/projectspurs/261027.mp3{/audio}
Paul Garcia, Lead Writer – {audio}http://cinch.fm/projectspurs/260145.mp3{/audio}
Trevor Zickgraff, Staff Writer –  {audio}http://cinch.fm/projectspurs/260147.mp3{/audio}

Now that we’ve had our say, it’s time for you to sound off in the comments and let us know your opinions on the players signing overseas. 

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