Writers put in focus Spurs, Magic


Our very own Michael De Leon recently participated with our fellow Bloguin site, OrlandoMagicDaily.com.

In the article with Phillip Rossman-Reich, De Leon and Rossman-Reich preview the offseason moves the San Antonio Spurs have made and may make.  

Rossman-Reich looks at the match ups from last season first before giving his take on who would win a series and I agree with what Rossman-Reich said. He said the Spurs know what they’re getting from every player on their roster where as the Magic are a team who can only rely on Dwight Howard for consistency.

The Magic have lost their elite status in the Eastern Conference now that Miami and Chicago are the teams to beat on the East coast. With players like Jameer Nelson, Gilbert Arenas, Hedo Turkoglu, and Jason Richardson, the Magic aren’t necessarily a dangerous team as they once were with Howard, Vince Carter, and Rashard Lewis.

The Spurs too have some work to do in the offseason but not as much as the Magic. The Spurs just have to make some tweaks in their frontline and find a reliable back-up guard in order to be one of the teams fighting at the finish line for the title next season, if there is a season.

Chime in Spurs fans, who do you think needs more work to stay as a title contender? The Spurs or the Magic?

Oh yeah, the Magic will also have that “should we trade Howard this season because next season he may leave town and we’ll get nothing in return” cloud hanging over their head over the 2011-12′ season.

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