Writer fakes an interview with Duncan, angers Virgin Islanders


A Virgin Island writer named Clay Travis managed to anger the entire population of the Virgin Islands with a joke made in bad taste.

Travis wrote a fictitious interview with San Antonio Spurs’ and native Virgin Islander Tim Duncan. In the fake interview, Travis made disparaging remarks towards the women of the Virgin Islands, insulted their intelligence, and more.

Here is a sample of the remarks he made in the made-up interview using Duncan’s name:

Clay: Do you miss the friendly people of the Virgin Islands?

TD: People in the VI are the meanest, lyingest, ugliest, dumbest, and biggest cheaters in the entire world.  So no, I don’t miss them at all.

Clay:  What’s the biggest difference between the Virgin Islands and stateside?

TD:  The women.  Stateside women don’t usually have mustaches, whereas in the Virgin Islands most women have mustaches.  Also, Virgin Islands women are the ugliest women in the world.

Yeah safe to say Travis took it way too far with this.

Nothing in what he wrote should ever be condoned nor should be encouraged. What he said was beyond the boundaries of good taste. In the report, it was mentioned he has gone on interviews to say it was supposed to be made in jest and meant it to be funny. However, he better steer clear of going out in public in the Virgin Islands for a while.

Thoughts Spurs fans? Think he went too far with this especially using Duncan’s name in an unflattering manner?