Would ladies spend $274.99 on Spurs-themed stilettos?


If you are a San Antonio Spurs fan, chances are high you own quite a few items adorned with the Spurs logo. Whether it be magnetic Spurs logos on your truck, a Spurs flag waving from your car window, or numerous player jerseys and sneakers, you are one proud Spurs fan and you want the world to know it!

But just how far would you go to truly show your Spurs pride? Or more specifically, if you are a female Spurs fan, would you spend close to $275 for a pair of Spurs-themed stilettos?

Herstar.com is selling six-inch Spurs-themed stilettos and for the low, low price of $274.99. 

But if the price of the stiletto shoes are out of your price range, do not fret. The company is also selling a microsuede pump version for the even lower price of $99.99.

After seeing this, I am sure husbands, and boyfriends of avid female Spurs fans must be cringing at the thought of their significant other asking for either pair of these shoes.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Would you buy your girl a pair of these shoes? And what do the female Spurs fans have to say? I am interested to read what you all have to say.