World Peace: ‘We’ll win on Sunday’


The San Antonio Spurs humiliated the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 120-89 leaving L.A. on the brink of elimination from the playoffs and giving L.A. the worst home playoff loss in Lakers history.

Injuries to the Lakers' roster and being out-manned by San Antonio doesn't help Los Angeles in avoiding a sweep but forward Metta World Peace is being the optimist when it comes to Game 4 this Sunday in L.A.

After the game, Metta said he will "probably" sit out Sunday's game based on his poor performance in Game 3 thus giving the Lakers a better shot at getting their first postseason win.

"I was the weak link tonight," World Peace said after going 0-for-6 from the field with no rebounds and one assist in 17 scoreless first-half minutes and not playing in the second half.
"Then these guys will be at full strength," World Peace said. "We'll win on Sunday."
World Peace has not been the same World Peace since his prime days in the NBA. However, with this team being hit with injuries, what else can L.A. do? They have to play with the roster they have and if it means even having Metta out there in Game 4, despite his poor performance in this series, then so be it.
Regardless, World Peace is looking out the short-term should he sit out.
"I wasn't effective," World Peace said. "There's no sense when we got guys that can win, why not let them win. We'll win Sunday, then I'll be better and then go to San Antonio [for Game 5 on Tuesday] and I'll be really good that day."
In the end, this Lakers team is simply not going to win the series with or without Metta. He alone won't be the difference maker in any L.A. comeback. 
If he thinks L.A. will win tomorrow, despite their injury-ravaged roster, and be able to play in Game 5, it seems that is going to need some Hollywood magic.