World Peace makes no excuses for losses to Spurs


The Los Angeles Lakers dropped Game 2 and if losing Kobe Bryant to injury wasn't enough, there's a new injury to Los Angeles as Steve Blake suffered a hamstring injury, but injuries don't justify losing to Metta World Peace.

"We were still in the game. We still have Dwight Howard. We still have Pau (Gasol)," World Peace states. "That is just a way out. It is an excuse. When you lose, you lose. It is that simple. You don't say the Lakers lost because of injuries. You lost. The score is the score. That is it. No excuses."
World Peace has always been a competitor and it sounds like he's giving San Antonio their due in these wins. He's not minimizing the Spurs' victories by bringing up injuries or making excuses for his team's poor play.
The Lakers still arguably the best center in the NBA in Dwight Howard and one of the most versatile big men in Pau Gasol. The Lakers shot 45% (37-82) and 36% (8-22) from beyond the arc. While they were behind for the majority of the game, they gave themselves a chance to come back before the Spurs decided to play stifling defense on them.
But as far as injuries go, the Spurs are still dealing with their own. Boris Diaw is still out of action and though it doesn't compare to what the Lakers are going through, all playoff teams are dealing with bumps and bruises this time of year. And like Peace, the Spurs will also say it isn't an excuse for losses.
With more injuries piling on for the purple and gold, World Peace might still not back off from this mindset since he's a very proud player. At least for one night, he's giving the San Antonio Spurs props for their game on the court indirectly.