Wolverine, the Silver Surfer, and the Spurs


The NBA and Marvel Comics have teamed up to have a super hero inspired clothing line, artwork, and accessories for each NBA team which will include team names and logos.

For the San Antonio Spurs, the characters selected are Wolverine and the Silver Surfer:

The Spurs, according to NBA spokeswoman Amanda Thorn, will be represented by a pair of Marvel characters — the Silver Surfer and Wolverine.

Thorn (not to be confused with another Marvel character, Thor) says the new NBA super hero merchandise featuring the Spurs will be available at NBAStore.com and at participating JC Penney stores. (bizjournals.com)

All I can say is the NBA and Marvel picked two great characters to represent the Spurs.

Wolverine is a never-say-die character, ferocious and nearly indestructible. The Silver Surfer is a semi-devine being, immensely powerful, and can survive within nearly any known natural environment.

The Spurs are similar to these two characters.

Many wrote off the Spurs as being too old, and considered their best years were behind them. But like Wolverine, the Spurs have proven to seemingly be indestructible this season with their NBA leading record at 44-8. And despite their aged core of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, all three have the never-say-die attitude and still contribute game-in and game-out.

And just like the Silver Surfer, who can survive in any environment, the Spurs have proven they can win in any opponent’s home court with their 19-6 road record which ranks first in the NBA. Not to mention their 8-0 road record to start the season which was the best in franchise history.