Wizards End 23-Year Losing Streak in San Antonio With 127-106 Win Against Spurs

January 28, 2023, San Antonio, TX: during the second quarter against the Washington Wizards at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas Saturday, January 28, 2023. (Photo by Reginald Thomas II/San Antonio Spurs) via: NBA.com/spurs/media

The Spurs returned to the AT&T center on a chilling Monday night to meet the Washington Wizards. The Wizards have not succeeded over the Spurs while playing in San Antonio since December 11th, 1999. The Wizards decided it was time to end that losing streak against the franchise and take home the win. Washington defeated the Spurs 127-106 extending their win streak to six, with five of those being on the road. 

The Energy Carries Over

The start of this match-up was as if the energy from Saturday carried over into tonight. The scoring ability was there and Jeremy Sochan was prepared to show his off. The rookie just came off of a stellar 30-point performance against the Phoenix Suns. He is showing the fans it’s not just luck. In the first quarter alone Sochan had 15 solid points. However, in the 27 minutes of playing time, he only added 2 more points to the board. His outcome for the night was 17 points, 5 assists, and 2 rebounds. 

The leading scorer of the night was Keldon Johnson with 26 points, four rebounds, four assists, and two steals. Johnson has had some strong offensive nights these past five games. On four nights he scored at least 20 points or more. Despite his ability to get to the basket his points on the board do not aid the team out of a deficit. 

Struggles From Deep

What caused issues for the Spurs was Washington’s zone defense. It forced San Antonio to play and seek more shots on the perimeter. The Spurs as a whole shot 24.1% from the three-point line. Compare that to the Wizard’s 53.3% shooting at the three and, as Coach Pop said “Game Over”. According to Zach Collins, as they analyzed the film during half-time they noticed there was “unnecessary help in the paint”. This left guys wide open on the Wizard’s end to knock down big shots. The tone of the night was a snarl at the “new way” of basketball. Referring to the ability to play the game beyond the arch being the deciding factor. 

The Wizard’s top scorers were Deni Avdija and Bradley Beal. Avdija had 25 points, nine rebounds, one assist, and one steal. Beal had 21 points 7 rebounds and assists. The Wizards improved to 24-26 and will travel to face the Detroit Pistons in hopes to continue their winning streak.

Up Next

The Spurs will remain home against the Sacramento Kings (28-21)  who are coming off a 118-111 win against the Minnesota Timberwolves.



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