With Jerrells gone, who do Toros turn to next?


Curtis Jerrells The Austin Toros just lost their 2009-10 leading scorer. As I posted on Project Spurs yesterday, Curtis Jerrells was traded to the New Orleans Hornets for a conditional second round pick.

Most fans hoped if Jerrells did not earn a roster spot with the Spurs, he’d be back to start at point guard for the Toros this season. With that option gone, where will the Toros turn for a starting point guard?

They currently have Carldell “Squeaky” Johnson, Russell Carter and Lewis Clinch on the roster that could start at point guard. Johnson is a savvy, hardworking veteran that could definitely step in as a floor general. Clinch proved himself in the playoffs, averaging 11.5 points in the conference finals.

However, neither player can make up for the 27 points, 6.2 assists and 4.2 rebounds Jerrells averaged in the playoffs last season. Both players are also scoring guards and are not known for distributing the ball.

With the D-League draft coming up on November 1, the Spurs could possibly look at a rookie point guard to help bolster the guard corps, but it’s not likely that a player the caliber of Jerrells will be found through the draft, tryouts or training camp, but Toros Nation will be covering both training camp and the draft as the Toros look for ¬†a replacement, if one exists.


  1. Good Riddance Curtis,

    I don’t know how many games you actually saw last year but those stats that you posted are extremely deceiving. Curtis Jerrells was a problem, he caused more hurt than he did good. He made more poor decisions than good decisions. He was a complete “ball hog” and the game of basketball was always about him. It has always been that way since he was in high school through his current spot. The only reason he went to New Orleans is that Dell Demps really likes him, Dell brought him to the Toros/Spurs. I feel that the team was worse when Jerrells was on the floor, he was a terrible defender. The Toros best bet with their current talent is with Squeaky, he understands the flow of the game and makes more good decisions then he does bad ones. He is a tenacious defender that is relentless and gives every ounce of energy on the court and he is constantly putting his teammates before himself.

  2. @Yo All good points, but I though Jerrells time with the Spurs and under Pop might help in that regard. Jerrells also put in a lot of time and work with Snyder trying to become a point guard and so mistakes and turnovers are bound to happen. I like Squeaky as well. He’s a smart player and the Toros should have enough offense if Gee makes it back to Austin, which I expect, and the addition of Gardner.


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